24-year-old kills self after being scolded by husband for TikTok addiction.

Before committing suicide, she recorded her video during which she asked her husband to take care of their 2 children.

A twenty-four-year-old lady from Ariyalur in Tamil Nady has committed suicide after she was scolded for spending an excessive amount of time on TikTok video app. Anitha, who hailed from Perambalur, recorded a video of her drinking the pesticide.

She was married to 29-year-old Palanivel and had a four-year-old daughter and a two-year-old son. Before committing suicide, she recorded her statement in which she asked her husband to take care of their 2 children. Palanivel who was in the agricultural trade moved to Singapore a few years ago for work.

Anitha was introduced to the app via her friend. Her members of the family alleged that she was neglecting her family and children thanks to her addiction to the app. when she went overboard whereas using the app, the family informed her husband who later called and tried to reason with her to limit its use. However, the family claims that Anitha refused to give up on the app.

In an unfortunate event, whereas she was busy on the app, her daughter got hurt whereas playing while Anitha remained oblivious of what was happening round her. The members of the family over again urged her husband to intervene in the matter and ask her to take care of the kids.
When Palanivel called her up, he shouted at her over the phone relating to the incident. He’s believed to have told her that he would destroy her phone.

Upset after getting scolded by her husband, Anitha took the extreme step and consumed pesticide whereas recording it on video.
She was rushed to Ariyalur GH at first and later to a private hospital in Trichy, however she didn’t respond to treatment and died.