Top Reasons Why Your Business Instagram Account Is Not Blowing Up

Instagram business accounts are a very powerful tool for business marketing. If you are unable to attain your goals, here are certain reasons that you should be paying attention to:

You Are Passive

It is very annoying moment for a customer who finds that his favorite brand is not active at Instagram for more than two weeks. Frequent posting will give a boost to your role in the Instagram community. If your business is product driven then it is important to post the lucrative product images frequently. For event based businesses, it is important to post events related photos to make the community involved.

You Are not Posting Images Appropriate To Your Business

Posting irrelevant images is certainly a bad practice especially when it comes to business accounts. If you are posting through the business account, make sure that you keep your personal stuff completely separate.

You Are Using Low Quality Pictures

When you post images at Instagram, make sure that they are high resolution images. Blurred and dark images fail to grab the attention of the audience. So post very high quality customized images to attract and get Instagram followers.

You Do not Use Hash Tags

Do not expect to entice the users to your posts if you do not give them the ease to find it. Use popular hashtags to help people find you. Hashtags are an easy way to get found at Instagram and more importantly, to get Instagram followers.